Close up of the dial on a safe

Close up of the dial on a safe

Quality Safes

American Safe, Inc. is dedicated to provide high quality and high security safes. We offer an extensive product line of over 400 standard models of burglary and fire resistant safes in every insurance classification from “B” rate to Underwriter’s Laboratories TL-15 and TL-30. We also sell used safes at a great price.
We specialize in developing custom safes to meet specific cash handling requirements for banks, credit unions and many other financial institutions.
TL-15 & TL-30 money chest – These safes offer the highest level of security available with many outstanding features and a wide range of options.
Dial – Spy proof and Key lock dials.
Locks – Group 1 & 1R, Electronic, Key-Op, Dual combination, 144 hr. time lock, 15 min. time delay and External day locks.
Interior – Lockers, Manager’s lockers, Drawers, Coin rack, Adjustable shelves, Hidden compartments, internal deposit slots/chutes and internal rotary hopper.
Exterior – Custom colors/size, Claddings, Left swing door, DXE/DXF models available in a 1” steel body.
Alarm – Modular and holdup alarms.
Misc. – Access Control Systems and Anchor bolt assembly.
Tl-30 fire rated money chest – These safes offer the highest level of security available for today’s market. The composite body and door offer outstanding burglary and fire protection all in one safe.
Tl-30 depository safe – This double door depository safe offers complete cash management versatility for any operation that requires a nonrefundable deposit such as armored car companies, convenience stores, restaurants, etc. The U.L. listed TL-30 composite construction offers peace of mind when overnight protection is needed.
Dial – Spy proof and Key lock dials.
Locks – Group 1 & 1R, Electronic and Dual combination locks. (Receiving compartment only)
Interior – Lockers, Drawers and Adjustable shelves.
Exterior – Custom colors/size. (Designs quoted upon request)
Alarm – Modular and holdup alarms.
Misc. – Access Control Systems.
Tl-15 & tl-30 amvault – Amvault composite safes demonstrated the ability to withstand severe attacks by experienced U.L. experts using powerful tools such as sledgehammers, power saws, carbide disc cutters, drills, etc., and without fail, were awarded the U.L. TL-15 and TL-30 labels. Amvault safe offers a Two Hour, 350°F factory fire test.
Auxiliary Key Lock – Lock is equipped with 2 keys and escutcheon plate lock available on all Amvault safes (except Model 1814). An additional spring-loaded relock device protecting lock against punch attacks
Glass Relocking Mechanism (TL-30 only) – In the event of an attack by tools, torches or explosives, the glass will shatter activating the highly sophisticated relock mechanism. This mechanism offers a total of 6 different relock devices for the ultimate in high security protection.
Three-Way Bolt work (TL-30 only) – A three way active bolt work mechanism engages the bolts horizontally and vertically into the body of the safe.
Interior – Lockers.
Exterior – Standard finish is Parchment. Other colors available upon request.
Service contract – ASI will clean maintain and repair all your banking equipment including on-site locksmithing, surveillance cameras, alarm systems, drive-up/walk-up windows, night depositories, day gates, safe deposit boxes, vault building/doors and safes

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  1. Paul Farrell says:

    lost combo for a gun safe.. have serial number.. what are my options

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